Board of Directors Election

UpdatedSunday January 17, 2021 byPottsgrove Little League.


Annually a General Meeting is held around this time of year to elect our Little League's Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Traditionally those Members in good standing are eligible to vote (consisting of anyone who has volunteered over the past year - coaches, assistant coaches, umpires, board members, team mom/dads, field maintenance, concession stand volunteers, etc). However given the cancelled Spring Season limited Fall Season, we will use our league registration records to determine eligible voters.

This year we will conduct voting electronically, with polls opening Nov 1st and closing Nov 7th. Voting links will be sent out to eligible voters on Nov 1st. After the polls close, the new board will the take office effective immediately, and at their first board meeting the new board members will determine via who fills what role on the board. The available board roles are the following:

  • President*
  • Vice President*
  • Secretary*
  • Treasurer*
  • Player Agent*
  • Safety Officer*
  • Coaching Coordinator*
  • Field Maintenance Coordinator
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Information Officer
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Tournament Director
  • Umpire Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    (* = role required by Little League)

For additional information, please reference the description of Little League Board of Director Roles.

In meantime, from now until Oct 31st, we will compile a list of nominees for the new board.


What you need to do:

  1. Nominate

    If you or anyone else is interested in serving on the board for the upcoming year, send a message to us at by end of the day Oct 31st. Example message: I nominate NAME for the PGLL Board of Directors.

    Work from all the roles must be performed to run our Little League, and we'd like to avoid having board members serve multiple roles so they can focus on a single specific job. Therefore filling all the roles will help us be a more effective organization!

  2. Vote

    When you receive your voting link on Nov 1st, respond with your vote!


If you have any questions about the roles or what is involved, please contact us at